Notice to New York City Applicants

Moody’s uses advanced algorithms that compare candidate resumes to the requirements in job postings to match potential candidates to requisitions in the recruitment process. Moody’s does this to ease the burden on recruiters and hiring managers by highlighting candidates for consideration.

The link below presents additional information on the HiredScore functionality that Moody’s uses, including an explanation of how the algorithm operates, a summary of New York City Local Law 144 (and its definitions of key terms such as Automated Employment Decision Tools (“AEDTs”)), and a summary of bias audit results. The bias audit was conducted by an impartial third party based on data aggregated from several companies that use this functionality.

Additional Information and Audit Results

As a candidate, you have the opportunity to opt out of the use of these matching algorithms, regardless of whether they constitute AEDTs under New York City Local Law 144. Please provide your response below.

Do you request to opt-out of the use of a candidate matching algorithm in the recruiting process?

  • Not Applicable (Not applying in New York City)
  • No, do not opt out
  • Yes, opt out

Additionally, you can make a written request regarding Moody’s data retention policy, the type of data collected, and/or the source(s) of data by emailing